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Conde de Velázquez

The Conde de Velázquez wines, named after the 18th century Spanish noble/landowner and folklore legend of the Aconcagua valley, Don Raphael de Velázquez, are Estate Bottled at Viña San Esteban in the Aconcagua Valley. Los vinos Conde de Velázquez, nombrados después del siglo XVIII español leyenda noble/terrateniente y el folclore del Valle del Aconcagua, Don Raphael...
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El Conde, Gran Reserva

Conde de Velázquez wines have been Estate Bottled by the well-established Viña San Esteban of central Chile's Aconcagua Valley since 2002. This premium wine line is available in North America as the result of a joint venture between Agricola del Conde of Santiago, Chile and WTWM Imports of San Angelo, Texas whose principals have partnered...
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Conde de Velázquez, Sparkling Wine

Conde de Velázquez Sparkling Wines are carbonated wines, wines that have bubbles, which usually takes on the name associated with the region or country specific to where the wine originated. The carbonation of these sparkling wines are created using the “Méthode Champenoise” which takes time, as you have to allow the wine time to ferment...
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