• Puerto Valparaíso 2013

    Puerto Valparaíso 2013

    Puerto Valparaíso. Management Annual Report 2013. Worked in collaboration with Pedro Pablo Rojas and Crea Comunicaciones. Puerto Valparaíso. Informe Anual...

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  • Parques de Chile

    Parques de Chile

      Parks in Chile is the network of cemeteries Park with presence in 17 of the most important cities of...

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  • Concha y Toro 2007

    Concha y Toro 2007

    Annual report for the prestigious Chilean wine company. The cover page has the wine in full flow from bottle to...

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  • Philips Culture Audit 2013

    Philips Culture Audit 2013

    Philips is a Dutch diversified technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with primary divisions focused in the areas of electronics, healthcare...

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  • Monsanto, Sustainable Annual Report 2012

    Monsanto, Sustainable Annual Report 2012

    Monsanto is a sustainable agriculture company. It delivers agricultural products that support farmers all around the world. Focused on empowering...

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  • FastNews Magazine

    FastNews Magazine

    FastNews is an informative corporate news magazine related to the financial business world. FastNews es un informativo revista de noticias...

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  • Galilea, 3o years

    Galilea, 3o years

    Galilea is an engineering and construction company based in Talca, Chile. This book is a celebration of its successful 30...

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  • Redbanc, Annual Reports

    Redbanc, Annual Reports

    A selection of Annual Reports for Redbanc, an interbank network in Chile connecting the ATMs of all the banks in...

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  • Rock Art of the Upper Aconcagua Valley

    Rock Art of the Upper Aconcagua Valley

    Paidahuén Archaeological Park is a National Monument located atop Paidahuén Hill along the upper course of the Aconcagua River on...

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